Volunteers Services

Volunteers are the heart of Community Living Access and play a vital role in our mission to ensure the people we support are living fulfilled lives. Our casts of volunteers are a valued part of our team and play a significant role in all areas of our agency. Our volunteers inspire possibilities!

Why Volunteer?

By volunteering at Community Living Access, you are:

  • Making an immediate impact in your community
  • Gain personal satisfaction
  • Breaking down barriers for people with disabilities
  • Gaining experience and valuable skills that can serve you in your career and
    personal life
  • Making new friends!
  • Meet new people and enjoy making a difference
  • Complete your community service hours

What Opportunities Are Available?

  • Special events and fundraising activities
  • Serve on committees or the Board of Directors
  • Assist with recreational and / or educational activities to help the people we
    support achieve their goals
  • If you have a special skill or interest you’d like to utilize, let us know and we can
    develop a mutually beneficial opportunity.

Who are our Volunteers?

  • Students (high school, college, university)
  • Executives and Professionals
  • Retirees / Stay-at- Home Parents
  • Seniors
  • New Canadians
  • Unemployed / underemployed
  • People who want to help and make a difference

How do I become a Volunteer?

All of our volunteers are required to submit:

  • an application form and references,
  • attend an orientation and interview to ensure you volunteers experience is a
    successful one and meets your goals and expectations
  • Depending on the volunteer role a current Vulnerable Persons and Criminal Reference Check maybe required

To find out how you can make a difference, please call 519-426- 0007 ext. 112 or
send an email to Bruce at: hr@communitylivingaccess.ca

Come and Join our team!

Please follow these links:

Volunteer Info Package
Volunteer Application Form