Toolbox for Change – David Pitonyak

David Pitonyak Presents “Toolbox for Change”

Reclaiming Purpose, Joy and Commitment in the Helping Profession

Responding to an invitation from Community Living Access; on Wednesday April 3rd over 150 individuals representing over 13 (thirteen) Developmental Services Agencies across southern Ontario descended upon our wonderful town Simcoe ON in Norfolk County to be inspired, to be enlighten and to embrace the principles of Reclaiming Purpose, Joy and Commitment in our careers and lives.

In an ever increasingly complex world of daily demands, high expectations, pressure to be available to deal with ‘matters of consequences’ 24/7, our individual self and our personal JOY can become lost or intertwined with the pressures of work, our daily routines and myriad of complex relationships.  This timely and universal topic is a challenge we ALL face daily regardless of one’s profession, calling in life, age, status and abilities.  In short, if left unchecked and not nurtured, it erodes and steals our JOY and, it reduces our ability to interface with life, tarnishing our dreams, purpose, and satisfaction.  

Armed with his “Toolbox for Change” David took us on a journey, a journey on why each of us should make JOY a GOAL, our primary goal!  He masterfully connected the dots so to speak, on how our relationships, our work, and our other life goals can be much more difficult to achieve if we do not afford time to our individual self, our own discovery where our joy lives within us.

David’s storytelling, and everyday examples on how to take the time to discover the joy that is unique to each of us, were practical and simple.  David also spoke at great length about isolation and loneliness.  People need to be socially connected. He was passionate about the importance of relationships on all levels and cautioned that it may seem like people aren’t lonely because there are people around but that does not mean they are connected.  Our day with David was not only inspiring, thought provoking and practical; he showed us how this approach to self-joy, impacts on others, our job and the people we love.  He believes you must treat yourself as good as the guest who comes into your home. 

Special thanks to the organizing committee – Val Kelly, Anna Jo Giles, Kandice Gaspar, Kim Slavinsky and Cheri Emerson – for their hard work to make this day such a success!

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