Volunteering – Helping CL Access During COVID-19

Friends in our Community:

Community Living Access (CLAccess) and Norfolk Association for Community Living (NACL) are two local not-for-profit service providers who both provide support to adults with developmental disabilities in Norfolk County.  Although we are different organizations, we have always worked closely together in many ways and operate with mutual respect for each other.  

Both NACL and CLAccess believe that all persons live in a state of dignity and have the opportunity to participate in their communities.  NACL has been promoting and supporting the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life since 1953.  CLAccess vision is a community where every person lives with dignity, is valued and enjoys a full life.  

We need help.
Our staff have been working tirelessly since the pandemic began in the homes of people we support every hour of the day, every day of the year.

Covid-19 has added many additional challenges.

 As with everyone, COVID-19 has affected the lives of the people we support, their families and our staff that provide that support. 

Both organizations are currently experiencing outbreaks of Covid-19 in some homes.  We have a temporary need for help as many of our staff can’t work due to waiting for COVID test results, isolation for positive cases, needing to stay home due to school closures and family obligations…  The staff left working are already tired and still working extended hours and days, some with little rest.

 Following are a few ideas on how you can help:

  1. In home support – our biggest need is temporary help in people’s homes, to help with our staffing crisis.  Anyone interested would be paired with a staff member and provided all of the necessary training and personal protective equipment to maintain safety.  Our staff could use help with cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, visiting and spending time with people supported, redirecting people supported in the home to self isolate in a private area of their home.
  2. Out of home support – eg. grocery shopping, running errands
  3. Virtual support – eg. Zoom calls or phone calls with the people we support to provide some outside social interaction

Anyone interested in helping or learning more can contact Bruce Robinson at Community Living Access at (519) 426 0007 Ext. 112 or email at hr@communitylivingaccess.ca

Bruce will work with both organizations to see where the needs are and match any volunteers with either Norfolk Association for Community Living (NACL) or Community Living Access.

Thank you so much for considering this request.

Patricia Morris, Executive Director Community Living Access

Stella Barker, Executive Director Norfolk Association for Community Living