Success Stories


This summer I realized a dream of a life time when I went for a six hour supercar driving experience.  During the six hour tour, I was able to ride in a Ferrari 458, a McLaren 570S, a Nissan GTR, a BMW i8 and my very favourite the Lamborghini LP610!  The tour drove from Stoney Creek, through Vineland to Niagara Falls, where we stopped and had lunch at the top of the Marriott Hotel.  We then returned to Stoney Creek.  At every stop light, we caught the attention of many onlookers who took pictures of us.  The cars were very fast and they got up to the legal speed limit quite quickly.  What a wonderful day!! 

Paul P.


On Friday, February 1st, Paul went to Toronto to CITY TV, where he was able to sit on the set of Breakfast Television. Paul met all of the cast members and guests and at the end of the show, Paul was invited onto the couch and was on TV. Dina, the star of the show, presented Paul with a hat and mug and thanked him for coming all the way down to see them. This had been a goal of Paul’s for quite a while, so it was great to see Paul realizing one of his dreams. Paul also went up the CN Tower that day. He stood on the glass floor and had lunch at Tim Horton’s on the way back home. A great trip! 

Our daughter, Kelly, has been living in her home for two and a half years receiving support from CL ACCESS.  She is 52 years old, but it feels to us like she is a lively, happy teenager again!

CL ACCESS staff took the time to ‘learn’ Kelly.  They discovered that Kelly has a passion for walking.  Every day, Kelly hits the streets and trails.  She is now strong and fit, and you can tell from her infectious smile how good she feels.

A great by – product of Kelly’s walking are all the friendships she’s making with people she regularly meets out in the world.  They are part of her community and she is a part of theirs. Transferring from the trails to the local hockey and ball games, people are asking about Kelly when they don’t see her.

Outdoor exercise is wonderful for all of us.  For Kelly, the confidence and calmness she’s gained from walking have stuck with her into other activities, like going to watch the Hamilton Bulldogs play hockey, listening to live music at the Norfolk Tavern, enjoying various restaurants and even being splashed by the ocean on a tuna boat in the Maritimes!

We are so grateful to CL ACCESS staff for taking the time to help Kelly discover all the things that she enjoys.  They have really turned her life around.

We can’t wait to see what she gets up to next!  We only hope we can keep up with her.

PS….We would like to acknowledge Tricia and Cheri who said we can do it and to Steve, Kim, Lisa, Vicki, Jenny, Anna-Jo, JoAnna, Mia, Rosanna, and Sarah and to all others who have believed in Kelly and contributed as a team “we did it”.

Al & Carol W.