Supports & Services

Community Living Access provides supports and services to adults with developmental disabilities using a person-directed, community as the first resort, creativity is the key philosophy. Regardless of the intensity of support a person may require, each individual is the center of their own plan, taking the lead in their support decisions.

Community Living Access supports people to live in their own homes, whether that’s on their own, with friends or with family.

Community Living Access supports people to participate in their communities in ways that are meaningful and make sense to each person.  This could include, but is not limited to, finding a job or volunteer work, meeting up with friends or recreational activities.


How to Access Supports and Services

If you want new or different services, you must call Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) at 1-877-376-4674.  If you have never been in touch with DSO before, they will complete an intake process with you.  This usually takes two meetings of about 3 hours each.  At these meetings, the Coordinator from DSO will complete the Application for Developmental Services (ADSS) and the Support Intensity Scale (SIS) with you and whoever you have with you at the meeting.  Everyone referred for supports and services will complete an ADSS/SIS. 

When your intake process is completed and eligibility for service is determined, your name will be put on the service wait list.  DSO keeps a current wait list for people wanting developmental services in Haldimand Norfolk. It is not possible to tell how long people will have to wait for services.

If you are waiting for eligibility determination or have been deemed ineligible by DSO, please contact us for Purchase Our Services options.  Please see our Purchase Our Services