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Community Living Access will work with you to develop a plan for support. 

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Community Living Access hires highly qualified and experienced staff who are recruited through a rigorous assessment process. Every effort is made to effectively match each person’s interests and needs.

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What is Passport Funding?

Passport Funding is the Government of Ontario’s first broadly based attempt at individualized, self-directed funding. This funding goes directly to the person, and the person decides how they would like to use it. There are parameters set by the Passport Office. Passport Funding can include both funding for Respite and funding for Community Participation.

Eligibility is determined through the DSO application process.

Partners & Resources


Fusion4Inclusion is a local youth engagement initiative working collaboratively with Re:Action 4 Inclusion the provincial wide network, that empowers youth to explore how they can influence the way that Society views and treats individuals with developmental disabilities.

Partners for Planning

Are a family formed and led network. They provide families with FREE resources to help you support your loved one living with a disability to lead their best possible life.

Ontario Association on Developmental Disabilities

OADD is a professional organization of people working and studying in the field of developmental disabilities, throughout Ontario.

Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs

OASIS provides leadership through sharing ideas, information and knowledge, and interacts with government and other organizations on issues affecting its members.

What happens when you turn 18

Providing those who reside and work in Haldimand and Norfolk counties with a better understanding of what happens in developmental services and supports when a supported person makes that age transition at age 18—when the person goes from being a youth to being classified as an adult. 

Community Living Ontario

Provincial association that promotes citizenship, belonging, and equality of people who have an intellectual disability.

Aging and Intellectual Disability

Access to an E-learning Opportunity —Accès à une opportunité d’apprentissage en ligne.