Passport Funding

Passport Funding is the Government of Ontario’s first broadly based attempt at individualized, self-directed funding. This funding goes directly to the person, and the person decides how they would like to use it. There are parameters set by the Passport Office. Passport Funding can include both funding for Respite and funding for Community Participation.

Community Living Access provides Passport Funding support in different ways:

  1. As the provider agency – the person directs CL Access to manage their Passport funding according to the direction and plan the person has developed. CL Access hires and supervises the direct support professionals with input from the person and their families. CL Access also pays for any upfront costs and communicates with the Passport Office for reimbursement. The person and/or their family has no responsibilities for the money, other than providing the plan for service. There is an administration free charged for this service to offset costs related to managing the funding and staffing.
  2. As a fee for service – the person in receipt of the funding purchases support services from Community Living Access. The person is billed for the supports provided. The person and /or their family is responsible for all aspects of managing the funding. There is an administration fee charged for this service for costs related to staffing.

Community Living Access has a supervisor dedicated to the Passport Funding program who can assist families to decide how they would like to use their funding, developing a budget, hiring staff, etc.