Support Services

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Supports Offered

Community Living Access provides support to adults with a developmental disability in a person-directed, community focused manner. Regardless of the intensity of support a person may require, each individual is the centre of their own plan, playing the key role in their support decisions.

Group Living Support

This support is provided to individuals requiring support 24 hours per day. Support is individualized and focuses on assisting a person to be successful in participating in community life and daily living. Support is usually shared between three to five adults.

Individual Living Support

This support is provided to individuals requiring less then 16/hrs a day, and is usually provided in their home. The hours of support depend on what a person wants and needs and may include money management, advocacy, shopping, cooking, and leisure.

Community Access Participant Support

This support is self-directed to assist a person to participate in community for recreational, volunteer or employment activities. Daily living skills are not the focus of this support.

Associate Living Support

This support model accommodates individuals who wish to live in a family setting or share accommodations with someone other than their own family. This could include living arrangements such as single-family dwellings, apartments, duplexes, granny flats, or farms.

Intensive Support

Support is diverse according to the individual and focuses on a person to be successful living in their own home and participating in community life.  Support is usually shared between one to two people.

Passport Supports

This service is based on the recognition and support of an individual's right to use their Passport funding to buy the support that best suits their personal needs and aspirations. Community Living Access agrees to support individuals who have recently left the school system, and their families, by providing innovative community participation supports who are seeking support with their Passport funding.

Foundations: Communities in Motion

This is a shared program with Community Living Haldimand that is available to young people who are graduating from or already finished high school and making the transition to adult life.

Virtual Room

Also known as the Experiential Learning Suite, this activity uses computer-generated graphics to place a person in a variety of virtual activities. These activities include but are not limited to snowboarding, playing volleyball, and musical instruments. This activity is open to anyone regardless of physical ability, and there is an affordable fee for service.  To access the Virtual room, contact the School at 519-586-3588 or email


"The School" St. Williams

"The School" St. Williams is a joint venture between Community Living Access and Norfolk Association for Community Living. The intent is to extend residential supports into the community, while contributing to the revitalization of the St. Williams area through community related activities and programs offered at the school.  The school has been renovated to be a healthy accessible space.