About Us


To provide quality support to people with disabilities to live ordinary and extraordinary lives, in the communities of Norfolk and Haldimand



A community where every person lives with dignity, is valued and enjoys a full life.


Our Culture Values

...Caring Relationships:  We work hard to ensure strong relationships are in place so people involved with us feel safe, happy and supported.

...Creativity:  People can achieve their dreams and live ordinary and extraordinary lives through innovative, inventive and imaginative opportunities.

...Informed Choices:  The people we support are well informed as they make decisions about their lives.

...Dignity:  Everyone will be treated with respect.  This will be seen in our actions and the words we use.

...Accountability:  We are accountable to the people we support, each other, our volunteers, our funders, community partner agencies and others with an interest in the organization for safe, high quality and financially sound services.

...Integrity:  People can trust and depend on each other to do what they have said.

...Working Together:  We connect with many others in the community so the experiences for each person we support meet their needs and interests.


We receive our funding through

Fundraising / Donations / Grants
Ministry of Community & Social Services
Donation Form (PDF)

Volunteers are always welcome
and are vital to the achievement of our goals, enhancing our ability to provide supports and link with the community. Volunteers engage in events and activities, direct supports, participation on committees, including our Board of Directors. 

Community Living Access was fortunate to receive an Ontario Trillium Grant in March 2013.  This grant will support the development of curriculum and train the trainer training through the Haldimand Norfolk Seniors Partnership about Aging and Developmental Disabilities.  For further information visit lookahead.ca

Community Living Access was fortunate to receive an Ontario Trillium Grant in October 2011.  This grant will provide funding to implement the Alliance Information Management System (AIM).