Other Ways to Give

Gifts In-Kind

– Here are some ways your gift may be used:

  • Program supplies such as craft materials, computer equipment & specialty
    software, learning materials such as books and movies
  • Recreational opportunities such as pool or gym rental, bowling, admission to
    local attractions
  • Repairs to homes such as roofs, windows, doors
  • Replacement of furniture and other household items as needed
  • Specialized assistive devices and equipment
  • Augmentative communication systems such as picture boards, go talk devices
  • Educational programs for life skill development such as cooking classes

In Honour

You can make an In Honour donation to pay tribute to a loved one, or to say thanks to recognize special care and acts of kindness. Community Living will send a special card to the person you have chosen to honour.  You will receive a thank you and tax receipt, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting people who have an intellectual disability.


  • Ask your family and friends to make a donation to Community Living Access in
    your honour instead of buying a present for occasions such as birthdays,
    wedding favour, anniversaries, retirement or holidays.  Depending on the
    nature of your gift, there are a variety of ways we can recognize your honouree
    and generosity.
  • Community Living Chatham-Kent will provide a tax receipt, our grateful thanks,
    and you will have the knowledge that you have found and provided the perfect

Memorial Gift

  • When someone passes on, we often want to honour their memory in a special
    way and show support for the family.  Making an in memoriam donation is a
    positive way to celebrate their life.  These contributions will be used to provide
    support and services to people who have an intellectual disability right here in
    our community.
  • When you make a donation in memory of a loved one, you will receive a tax-
    deductible receipt and a letter of condolence will be sent to the family advising
    them of your kind gesture.  The donation amount remains confidential.

Dream Makers Monthly Giving Program!
Join the DREAM MAKERS Monthly Giving Program and your regular monthly
financial commitment to Community Living Access will enhance the lives of the
people we support all year long!

  • A small gift of $10 a month for example, works out to only $2.30 per week but
    accumulates to $120 in a year! And while you may not be able to donate $120
    at one time, spreading it out over 12 months makes it easier to make an impact
    right now! Increase your monthly gift to $20 – $25 or larger amount and the
    impact grows!
  • Please know that you can change or cancel your donation amount at any time.