The 2021 Lottery CASH Calendar
Is NOW On Sale !!!

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the CL Access 2021 Lottery CASH Calendar 


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Different ABOUT Purchasing a 2021 LOTTERY CASH Calendar this year:
Due to COVID-19 -there have been a few Changes to keep everyone safe

1.  If Possible Pay for the Purchase of the 2021 Calendar On-Line (see link above)
2.  If you need to pay by another method please call: Shelly Marinic @ 519-426-0007 x 100 or Don Lawson @ 519-426-0007 ext. 111

Before Paying and submitting the payment form it is important that you fill the information for the Ticket Stub for Each Calendar Purchased.  If all the calendars purchased are for you, you may skip this step.

Included in the On-Line payment form is a link that asks each Purchaser to click and email the information of who the calendar is being gifted to:
1.  The name of the purchaser (you) – All your contact information:  Including your complete Mailing Address, Telephone number and Email address.
2.  In Addition, who the Calendar is being Gifted:  This Must include: Their name, telephone or cell and email address.
3.  If Gifting more than one (1) calendar, Please add the above information for EACH person you are gifting a Calendar to.  
NOTE: CL Access will fill in this information on All the Ticket Stubs and then separate the stub from the main ticket for placement in the 2021 Draw Bin before mailing or preparing the calendars for Pick-up.  A photocopy of the filled out ballots before separating from the calendar will be included with your Calendars. 

Unless picking up the Calendars at CL Access, all calendars will be mailed to the Purchaser.
The Mailing Rates will be outlined in the On-Line Form for purchases of one to 5 calendars.  For mailing of 6 or more calendars Please Contact Shelly Marinic @ 519 426-0007 x 100  for details.
Please note:  All calendars will be mailed by Canada Post – Regular Mail.  If you wish another method, please contact Shelly Marinic @ 519 426-0007 x 100.  
Curbside Calendar Pickup will be arranged each week at the Community Living Access (CL Access) Office at 89 Culver Street Simcoe ON.
CL Access will email you with the times and dates to arrange pick-up at our Office
Other Locations to Purchase the Lottery CASH Calendars:
A List of Local Businesses will be posted HERE once confirmation has been secured of where you maybe able to purchase the 2021 Lottery CASH Calendar

 – At Eising Greenhouses & Garden Centre, 814 Cockshutt Rd, Simcoe. From Nov 17th to Nov. 21st (At their Annual Craft Sale)

A Little Bit about Our Lottery CASH Calendars 2021

  • During the 12 month calendar year beginning on Friday January 8th to December 31st, there are weekly draws every Friday. (52 Draws)
  • The total accumulative prizes for the year is $8,000
  • Calendar holders are eligible to win every week throughout the year as the ticket stub is returned to the draw drum each week (and it has happened!!) 
  • Our Friday draws are done live via our Facebook live feed at 2 p.m. so TUNE in and watch the FUN – meet guests – hear the latest agency news and of course see who WON that Friday’s winnings.
  • Winners are called and their names are posted on the Winners Circle List on our Website and on our Social Media Sites (Facebook – Instagram – Twitter), in addition Port Dover Maple Leaf newspaper has agreed to publish the weekly winner.
  • Due to COVID Once the winners have been contacted ALL winnings will be Mailed to the Winners.

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Our Lottery Cash Calendars would not be possible without our generous Sponsors. – Visit our Sponsors Page: Click Here:

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