Fusion 4 Inclusion

Lucas Wilson
Program Coordinator

Resilient Communities Fund Grant Recipient

Fusion4Inclusion is a local youth engagement initiative working collaboratively with Re:Action 4 Inclusion the provincial wide network, that empowers youth to explore how they can influence the way that Society views and treats individuals with developmental disabilities.

This youth driven movement works alongside educational and community allies to affect change with the focus on ensuring students who have a developmental disability experience a sense of belonging and be seen as valued and contributing members in their schools and communities.

Community Living Access; Community Living Haldimand; Community Living Six Nations; Haldimand Norfolk REACH and the Norfolk Association for Community Living have joined together to support this youth initiative within our communities.

For over 900,000 Canadians living with an intellectual disability, the use of the R-word brings memories of being bullied; endless days of being demeaned and countless times being told that they are outsiders not worthy of respect.

Use your voice. Make the choice.

#NoGoodWay to use the R-Word!

The youth from Fusion4Inclusion are issuing a challenge to the Citizens of Haldimand, Norfolk and Six Nations in joining them in ending the use of the ‘R-Word’.

Starting December 1st, Fusion4Inclusion in support of the #NoGoodWay campaign, is launching a local challenge to the citizens of Haldimand, Norfolk and Six Nations to end the casual and negative use of the ‘R-Word’ in everyday conversation. 

So we are asking you to join the challenge and to share your commitment to bringing awareness to the harmful effects of the ‘R-Word’ across your social media channels.


With your help, we can end the use of the ‘R-Word’!

Please get involved and challenge others too! Lets get the ball rolling and support our youth in wanting to make a difference!