Thank you for considering donating to Community Living Access where 100% of your gift benefits people who have a developmental disability and their families throughout Norfolk and Haildimand. Unless designated, your gift is always used where the need is the greatest at the time of your donation. Your donations are very important to ensure the ongoing viability of our organization.

A small gift of $10 a month for example, works out to only $2.30 per week but accumulates to $120 in a year! And while you may not be able to donate $120 at one time, spreading it out over 12 months makes it easier to make an impact right now! Increase your monthly gift to $20 – $25 or larger amount and the impact grows!

Please know that you can change or cancel your donation amount at any time.

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Online Donations

You can make a donation online 24/7 with our online donation system. Please click the "Donate Now" button to make your donation.

In Person

Please visit our office at 89 Culver Street, Simcoe ON to make a donation in person. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

In Honour

You can make an In Honour donation to pay tribute to a loved one, or to say thanks to recognize special care and acts of kindness. Community Living will send a special card to the person you have chosen to honour. You will receive a thank you and tax receipt, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting people who have an intellectual disability.


Ask your family and friends to make a donation to Community Living Access in your honour instead of buying a present for occasions such as birthdays, wedding favour, anniversaries, retirement or holidays. Depending on the nature of your gift, there are a variety of ways we can recognize your honouree and generosity.

Community Living Access will provide a tax receipt, our grateful thanks, and you will have the knowledge that you have found and provided the perfect gift!

Memorial Gift

When someone passes on, we often want to honour their memory in a special way and show support for the family. Making an in memoriam donation is a positive way to celebrate their life. These contributions will be used to provide support and services to people who have an intellectual disability right here in our community.

When you make a donation in memory of a loved one, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt and a letter of condolence will be sent to the family advising them of your kind gesture. The donation amount remains confidential.

Dream Makers Monthly Giving Program!

Join the DREAM MAKERS Monthly Giving Program and your regular monthly financial commitment to Community Living Access will enhance the lives of the people we support all year long!

Gifts In-Kind

Here are some ways your gift may be used

Program Supplies

Craft materials, computer equipment and specialty software, learning materials such as books and movies.

Recreational Opportunities

Pool or gym rental, admission to local attractions.

Home Repairs

Repairs to homes such as roofs, windows, doors.

Household Donations

Replacement of furniture and other household items as needed.


Specialized assistive devices, augmentative communication systems such as picture boards, go talk devices and other equipment


Help offset costs for educational programs for life skill development, college and career development.

Gifts for the Future

Planning a “Gift for the Future”
Through a planned gift to Community Living Access, you will have the assurance of knowing that Community Living will be there, ready and able to respond to the needs of people who have an intellectual disability.

Planned gifts are carefully considered and legally documented plans designed to provide a meaningful gift to a charitable organization like Community Living Chatham-Kent. Planned gifts are usually arranged now and received by the charity in the future. Gifts can include a bequest in your will, life insurance policy, or charitable gift annuity. Not only do these contributions provide a gift to Community Living Access, they are also a source of tax reduction.

Providing a planned gift not only helps meet the many needs of people who have a developmental disability and their families today, but those of tomorrow. If it is an unrestricted gift, it can be used to purchase much-needed equipment, provide respite to families, help a person find employment in the community or help provide accommodations for people. The needs of Community Living Access are assessed annually, and an unrestricted donation can be used where it is needed most.

All gifts to the agency are significant and can make a difference in the lives of people who have a developmental disability. There are many ways that you can make a “Gift for the Future”. Community Living Access strongly advises you to consult with your lawyer or tax advisor before making any financial decisions.


A bequest is making a gift of cash or assets to Community Living Access. You gain the satisfaction in knowing that your compassion will provide support for the agency for years to come. Also, your estate will receive significant tax credits that can be passed on to heirs.

Appreciated Securities

A gift of publicly traded, appreciated securities can qualify for special benefits because of recent changes in the Income Tax Act. You can watch your gift have an immediate impact on Community Living Access while enjoying immediate tax benefits.

Gifts of Property

Real estate, art, jewelry, and other collections can be donated to the agency. After an independent appraisal, you can be provided with a tax receipt.

Life Insurance

A gift of a new or existing life insurance policy naming Community Living Access as a beneficiary can provide a sizable gift to the agency, while you also enjoy income tax credits. A gift through life insurance can make a significant gift possible while leaving other assets intact for the family or the donor. Anyone, even a person of relatively modest means, can make a gift that would not be possible otherwise.

Life Income Gifts

The Charitable Gift Annuity and Charitable Remainder Trusts are gifts to Community Living Access in which the donor and the agency receive benefit. These gifts provide a gift to Community Living, while providing an income for the donor for life. With a Charitable Gift Annuity you receive a significant tax-free income, while a Charitable Remainder Trust provides the donor with a large one-time tax credit.

By making a planned gift to Community Living Access you are building a future for people who have an intellectual disability. You are encouraged to seek professional legal, financial, and estate planning advice before deciding on a course of action.

Please Contact us at 519-426-0007 and we will provide you with information that may be helpful when you are planning your “Gift for the Future”: Our legal name; Our charitable registration number; Our address, and Suggested wording .


Become a Member Today!
Your participation helps ensure the continuation of our success.
Cost of Membership is $5 per year (sign up below).

As a Member:
You are eligible to vote for the Board of Directors at our Annual General Meeting.

Annual Membership Fee of $5.00 is due each January 1st

General Membership:
Open to any person who supports the purposes and objectives of the Organization and who pays annual membership dues, except persons employed by this Organization, any similar organization or acting as a representative of such organizations



    Community Living Access would like to be able to serve all people in our community who live with a developmental disability, to have a good life, enjoying the same rights and freedoms, and being able to have the same expectations as other community members; to have a job, friendships, a decent place to live, and feeling the sense of belonging that comes with being included and valued.

    Thank you for taking the time to get involved with Community Living Access. Your gift will benefit people who have Developmental Disabilities and their families throughout Norfolk & Haldimand Counties.

    Contact us at 519 426-0007 if you have any questions