And so it is…

Kevin Rockefeller

And so it is…

And So It GoesKevin Rockefeller is one of our reporters who will be doing interviews and reporting on various items throughout the year. If you have something of interest that you would like Kevin to interview you on, please connect with him by calling 519-426-0007 and leave a message at extension 215.

I met Dave Zeldon from Eising’s Greenhouse at the Community Garden and that is where the first question finds us.

Q: Where is the Community Garden located?
A: The garden is located at the corner of Gilbert and Davis Street in Simcoe.

Q: How long have you have been involved with the Community garden? A: Our first growing season was 2009 so this is our 10th growing season.

Q: I noticed the hat on the Community Garden Sign when pulling in. What does the hat represent?
A: John Race was a Community Champion and always looked out for the “everyday man” and noticed that the community garden on Oak Street in Simcoe was being developed as of 2007 and thought a piece of land he owned would be a great spot for it. John approached me and asked for help and you couldn’t say no to John Race! John passed away and his son Philip Race has taken over his legacy. The red hat on the Community Garden sign is John’s and it has been covered with epoxy to keep in good condition. John always wore a red hat. His spirit will last!

Q: How do you purchase a plot of land to make a garden?
A: You contact either me, Dave Zeldon 519-443-4807 or John McGregor 519-410-2027 and we will give you a contract to fill out.

Q: When can you start your garden and how much does it cost?
A: We start gardening in the middle of May. Big plots are $20 per season and we ask for a $10 deposit. There are 4 small boxes we have for community groups and they are free.

Q: Is there water nearby?
A: There is a well pump and 3 water stations.

Q: What do you offer to the gardeners?
A: We put manure on the garden in the fall and work it in the soil, we provide tools, wheelbarrows and mulch for pathways to keep weeds down. Eisings Greenhouse provides the bags of soil for the raised bed gardens and all the mulch for the green house.

Q: How do you advertise the garden?
A: We don’t have to advertise we go by word of mouth and currently we have a wait list.

Q: How do you celebrate harvest?
A: We have a BBQ and the Race family pays for the hamburgers, hotdogs and drinks. The gardeners bring salads and desserts.

Q: How can a person donate to the Community garden?
A: Retirees donate old garden tools and fellow gardeners donate plants and share them. The garden is a very social place. Thank you Dave for your time, I really appreciate it. I will send you a copy of the newsletter and I am looking forward to start my own garden.