And so it is…. February edition

Kevin Rockefeller met with new Town Counsellor Ryan Taylor. Q: “So first I want to say Congratulations on becoming a Ward 5 Counsellor” Are you the youngest counselor in this area? A: “I am the youngest councilor sitting on council at this time, I am 25 yrs. old.” Q: What made you run for council?” A: “It’s something I have always been interested since I was in high school. One of my teachers just recently remembers me wanting this position even back then.” I am interested in government.” Q: “How would you like to see this town improved and revitalize the down town core? A: “I would like to see the downtown core come back to life! It will be a lengthy process. I have to see what I can do to attract people back downtown and work with the current store owners to revitalize downtown. I am currently working with fellow counsellor Ian Rabbitts on a downtown revitalization working group. I am doing fact finding missions with the county staff and the public to see what this town can look like.” Q:” How do you feel about the legalization of Marijuana? A: “As a whole, I feel it is a good thing for this country; there are so many people in prison for nonviolent crimes. It would be beneficial for shops in Simcoe, nice to see local entrepreneurs. Currently it is done with a lottery style license. The government will be making announcements shortly on who the successful lottery winners are. Q:”What are your thoughts on the building of Indwell in the old Norfolk Hotel? A:”Indwell for downtown is amazing! I can already see a big turnaround in the atmosphere downtown. Indwell is a great community partner and I hope to work with them again in the future. Q:”What do you do when you are not busy being on town council? A:” I am an Optician working for my family’s Optical business, J Daniels Optical in Simcoe. I spend the majority of my time there. I enjoy going downtown to different coffee shops, meeting new people. I also enjoy reading political books. Q:” Are you enjoying being a councilor so far and where can I go watch the town council meetings. A:” I am loving it so far and I am looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish as a group. If you are interested, the town council meetings are every Tuesday at Town Hall from 3pm-9pm. It can go shorter or longer depending on how the meeting is going. There is a public calendar on the Norfolk County website for more information. Thank you Ryan for your time with this interview. It is good to know a councilor personally in case I have any issues. Good luck in your future. Your welcome Kevin, my pleasure!